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Highways Agency Reports


Library data for 2665 unpublished Highways Agency reports may be found here. These reports are written by research contractors during and at the end of a Highways Agency research contract. Although not normally published, the reports are used internally within the Agency, and often provide the basis for new codes of practice.

A few reports are published and may be available for a fee from TRL or from CIRIA.

This information was obtained from a snapshot of the HA's SSR Library database taken on the 9th February 2009 and only covers reports produced up to 2002. Reports produced after this date may be available from the Highways Agency Knowledge Compendium.

This information is provided for reference only. BridgeForum does not have copies of these reports. The Highways Agency library may only have one or two copies of each report.

There is a BOF project proposal to scan all of the reports. This is a however quite a big job, so there is a suggestion that only the initial page or abstract should be scanned in some cases. A very approximate estimate, based on attempting to parse the 'Physical Description' field of 2393 of the records suggests that there are at least 123,329 pages in the library. A further 272 reports either have no pysical description, or it is present but not helpful (eg. 'Various Paging'...)

However, while it is likely that most of the reports in the Highways Agency library exist only on paper, it is also likely that most of the reports produced in the last fifteen to twenty years would have been prepared, at least in part, using a computer. If you were involved in authoring or preparing any of these reports, and if you still have an electronic version somewhere, then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact Dr Campbell Middleton if you think you can help.

Report data

Report data may be found listed:


Note: Neither Campbell Middleton nor the Highways Agency make any guarantee as to the correctness, usefulness, or fitness for purpose of any of the data in these pages.

In mid-2002 the Highways Agency started to make reports available online. We do not have any data for project reports written after this. See the Highways Agency Knowledge Compendium for more information.