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Roads Liaison Group Bridges Board


The UK Roads Liaison Group (UKRLG) brings together national and local government from across the UK to consider roads infrastructure engineering and operations matters. It was set up in 2001, along with its Bridges, Lighting, Roads boards. The Traffic Management Board was formed in 2002.

The UK Bridges Board brings together national and local government from across the UK to consider bridges and highway structures engineering matters. It was set up in 2001, and reports to the UK Roads Liaison Group. Bridges Board minutes dating from October 2010 onward are available on the Bridges Board website.

[PDF]  Full Contact details [Members only]
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[PDF]  Meeting 1: 12th September 2001
(PDF file 82KB)
[PDF]  Meeting 2: 21st November 2001
(PDF file 68KB)


[PDF]  Meeting 3: 30th January 2002
(PDF file 75KB)
[PDF]  Meeting 4: 18th April 2002
(PDF file 80KB)
[PDF]  Meeting 5: 3rd July 2002
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[PDF]  Meeting 6: 3rd October 2002
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[PDF]  Meeting 7: 14th January 2003
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[PDF]  Meeting 8: 3rd April 2003
(PDF file 81KB)
[PDF]  Meeting 9: 24th June 2003
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[PDF]  Meeting 10: 3rd October 2003
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[PDF]  Meeting 11: 4th February 2004
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[PDF]  Meeting 12: 28th April 2004
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[PDF]  Meeting 13: 4th August 2004
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[PDF]  Meeting 14: 10th November 2004
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[PDF]  Meeting 15: 9th February 2005
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[PDF]  Meeting 16: 11th May 2005 (ammended)
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[PDF]  Meeting 17: 17th August 2005
(PDF file 94KB)
[PDF]  Meeting 18: 16th November 2005
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[PDF]  Meeting 19: 1st February 2006
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[PDF]  Meeting 20: 14th June 2006
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[PDF]  Meeting 21: 4th October 2006
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[PDF]  Meeting 22: 21st February 2007
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[PDF]  Meeting 23: 20th June 2007
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[PDF]  Meeting 24: 17th October 2007
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[PDF]  Meeting 25: 20th February 2008
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[PDF]  Meeting 26: 18th June 2008
(PDF file 24KB)
[PDF]  Meeting 27: 17th October 2008
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[PDF]  Meeting 28: 18th February 2009
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[PDF]  Meeting 29: 17th June 2009
(PDF file 44KB)
[PDF]  Meeting 30: 14th October 2009
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[PDF]  Meeting 31: 17th February 2010
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[PDF]  Meeting 32: 16th June 2010
(PDF file 25KB)
[PDF]  Meeting 33: 6th October 2010
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