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BCF2/BOF6: June 2002

The first joint meeting of the Bridge Owners Forum and Bridge Consultants Forum took place in King's College, Cambridge on the 24th and 25th June 2002.

The Consultants met on the morning of the 24th and prepared presentations for the Owners who arrived at lunchtime. Presentations were given in the afternoon and there was a joint BOF/BCF Dinner in the evening.

The Owners then met on the morning of the 25th to discuss the presentations from the consultants and any other matters.

The agenda for the meeting.
The minutes of the meetings, with links to additional material (handouts, presentations etc.)
Participating bridge owners
  • British Rail Property Board
  • British Waterways
  • CSS - County Surveyors Society
  • DETR - Department of Transport, Local Government and Regions
  • DLR - Docklands Light Railway
  • Department for Regional Development (Northern Ireland)
  • Highways Agency
  • LoBEG - London Bridge Engineering Group / LoTAG - London Technical Advisors Group
  • London Underground Limited
  • Railtrack
  • SCOTS Bridges Working Group
  • Scottish Executive
  • WATO - Welsh Association of Technical Officers (Bridges Group)
  • Welsh Assembly