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Wednesday 19th May

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Keynote Address

[PDF]  Preservation of our Infrastructure Heritage
Jean-Philippe Fuzier, Scientific Director Emeritus
Consultant for Freyssinet
(PDF file 262KB)

Session 1A: Design

[PDF]  Computer-aided design and analysis of multiple Tee-beam bridges
Georg Pircher, Martin Pircher
Centre for Construction Technology and Research University of Western Sydney
(PDF file 1.11MB)
[PDF]  Footbridge Design for Synchronous Lateral Excitation
Angus Low, Arup London
Peter Burnton, Arup Brisbane
(PDF file 76KB)
[PDF]  Integral Abutment Bridges - Australian and US Practice
John Connal
Maunsell Australia Pty Ltd
(PDF file 206KB)

Session 1B: Assessment

[PDF]  Testing and Assessment of a 3-span Steel-Concrete Highway Bridge Using Dynamic Methods
Wije Arijaratne, Mohammed Al-Dawod, Bijan Samali, Ali Saleh and Steve Bakoss
(PDF file 160KB)
[PDF]  Improved Load Rating Assessment of Princes Bridge through Load Testing
Aaron Brimfield, David Coe
(PDF file 1.47MB)
[PDF]  Reliability-Based Load-Rating of Existing Bridges
S.G. Reid, University of Sydney
(PDF file 114KB)

Session 1C: Strengthening & Upgrading

[PDF]  Shelly Beach Overbridge Modification, Auckland
Geoff Brown
Opus International Consultants, Wellington
(PDF file 990KB)
[PDF]  Carbon Fibre Strengthening of Precast Reinforced Concrete Inverted U Bridge Beams
Dr Ian Chandler
Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia
(PDF file 666KB)
[PDF]  Western Distributor Viaduct Modifications for the Cross City Tunnel Project - Sydney
P.T Sheasby, J Steele, I Cox and C.J Marwick
CW-DC Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia
(PDF file 130KB)

Session 2A: Design

[PDF]  Advanced Bridge Analysis and Design Methods Simplified
Andrew Gallagher, Novex Services Pty Ltd and Barry Skinner, Bestech Systems Limited
(PDF file 606KB)
[PDF]  Sorell Causeway Channel Bridge, Tasmania
Bruce Gibbens, Peter Selby Smith and Graeme Joynson,
GHD Pty Ltd, 380 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, 3000, Australia
(PDF file 122KB)
[PDF]  Modular Bridge Joints - Reduction of noise emissions by use of Helmholtz Absorber
Eric J. Ancich, Roads & Traffic Authority of NSW and Stephen C. Brown, Richard Heggie Associates
(PDF file 162KB)

Session 2B: Concrete Technology

[PDF]  Spatial Variability of Pitting Corrosion and Its Effect on the Strength and Reliability of Prestressed Concrete Bridge Beams
M. Sigit Darmawan and Mark G. Stewart
School of Engineering, The University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia
(PDF file 83KB)
[PDF]  Suitable Intervention Strategies for Structures Affected by Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR)
Alan Carse, Structures Division
Queensland Main Roads
(PDF file 113KB)
[PDF]  Probability Based Chloride Diffusion Model to Predict the Condition States of RC Bridge Elements
T. Maheswaran and J.G. Sanjayan
Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University, Australia
(PDF file 72KB)

Session 2C: Bridge Management

[PDF]  Rehabilitation and Monitoring of Sawtells Inlet Bridge - 12 Years Later
Fred Andrews-Phaedonos, Ahmad Shayan and Aimin Xu
(PDF file 152KB)
[PDF]  Towards a Uniform Bridge Management System for Australia and New Zealand
Graham D Rummey and Laurie B Dowling, FIE Aust
(PDF file 88KB)
[PDF]  Risk Based Bridge Asset Management
David Coe, Pitt & Sherry
(PDF file 294KB)

Session 3A: Design

[PDF]  Bridge Deck Behaviour Revisited
Doug Jenkins
(PDF file 117KB)
[PDF]  Wildlife Friendly Design of Road Structures
Brendon Hyde and Gordon Chirgwin
(PDF file 845KB)
[PDF]  Crash Barrier on Reinforced Earth Wall - Liverpool Parramatta Transitway
Ros MacKinlay and Joe Wyche
Wyche Consulting
(PDF file 86KB)

Session 3B: Historic Bridges

[PDF]  Management of State Heritage Significant Bridges
P. B. Manamperi - Bridge Strategy Manager, RTA, NSW
(PDF file 112KB)
[PDF]  Covered Bridges of America
Ken Maxwell, GHD Pty Ltd, Sydney
(PDF file 1.91MB)
[PDF]  Strengthening of Heritage Timber Truss Bridges. Bridge over Abercrombie River, Abercrombie, NSW
R. Oates, R.J. Taylor and I. Berger
(PDF file 186KB)

Session 3C: Testing & Construction

[PDF]  Alternative Hardwood Girders - An Innovation with Composites
Tim Heldt, Craig Cattell, Rod Oates, Peter Prasad, Wade Arthur and Gerard Van Erp
(PDF file 394KB)
[PDF]  Port River Expressway - Stage 1 - Bridge Over Eastern Parade
Peter Selby Smith, Graeme Joynson and Zachary McGain
GHD Pty Ltd, 380 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, 3000, Australia
(PDF file 144KB)
[PDF]  Some Outcomes from Load Testing of Bridge 631 in Western Australia
Dr Ian Chandler, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Western Australia
(PDF file 2.65MB)