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Thursday 20th May

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Keynote Address

[PDF]  Bridge building in practice - mentally and physically
Peter Lundhus, Man. Dir. Fehmarn Belt/Sund & Belt Partner Ltd, Copenhagen, Denmark
(PDF file 51KB)

Plenary Session: Quality

[PDF]  Quality Infrastructure - A Different Approach
J.L. van der Molen
(PDF file 64KB)

Session 4A: Design

[PDF]  Design and Construction of the Otira Viaduct
Ian Billings, Chief Bridge Engineer, Beca Infrastructure, Auckland, New Zealand
(PDF file 10.03MB)
[PDF]  Highway Gantry using Aluminium Extrusions
D.R. Morris, Project Director, GHD Pty Ltd
(PDF file 252KB)
[PDF]  'Safety first' for bridges - by design
Frank Rapattoni, Principal Bridge Engineer - Victoria Cardno MBK
(PDF file 83KB)

Session 4B: Assessment

[PDF]  Assessment of Bridge Response Using Weigh-in-Motion Data
P. Grundy, Em. Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University
G. Boully, Senior Bridge Engineer, VicRoads
(PDF file 73KB)
[PDF]  Shear Damage Control in Assessing Flat Slab Bridge Decks
Candy CCE, Pressley JS and Walton BL - Maunsell WA
Sanjayan JG - Monash University
(PDF file 165KB)
[PDF]  Condition assessment of a reinforced concrete jetty structure, its load capacity and suggested rehabilitation strategy
Ahmad Shayan, Aimin Xu and Riahd Al-Mahaidi
(PDF file 155KB)

Session 4C: Strengthening, Upgrading & Quality

Dr John Fenwick, Department of Main Roads, Queensland
(PDF file 86KB)
[PDF]  Dublin Light Rail
John J. Noonan, Sinclair Knight Merz
(PDF file 668KB)
[PDF]  Bridge Over Cooks River at Tempe - Sydney NSW Emergency Underpinning of Piers
R.Oates, L.Prasad and W.Stalder
Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW (RTA)
(PDF file 247KB)

Session 5A: Bridge Design Code

[PDF]  Fatigue Design in the New Australian Bridge Design Code
P. Grundy - Monash University and G. Boully - VicRoads
(PDF file 75KB)
[PDF]  Fatigue - It Will Change Our Culture
Dr Wayne S. Roberts - Queensland Department of Main Roads
Dr Robert J. Heywood - Texcel Pty Ltd.
(PDF file 177KB)
[PDF]  Design Loads for Box Culverts for the SM1600 Design Loading of the Australian Bridge Design Code AS 5100
Vic Nechvoglod - VVN (Software) Pty Ltd and Greg Forster - Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW
(PDF file 45KB)

Session 5B: New & Concrete Technology

[PDF]  Design and Construction of Black River Bridge, Tasmania
Geoff Hughes - Sinclair Knight Merz Sydney and Graeme Walter - VEC Testing and Design
(PDF file 81KB)
Tim Heldt, Rod Oates, Gerard Van Erp and Roy Marsh
(PDF file 409KB)
Brian Cavill - VSL Prestressing Pty Ltd and Gordon Chirgwin - Roads and Traffic Authority
(PDF file 222KB)

Session 5C: Bridge Management

[PDF]  Applying a Systems Method for Setting Structure Performance Targets and Measures for a Long Term Concession
Peter McCarten - Opus International Consultants, New Zealand
(PDF file 88KB)
[PDF]  Bridge Management Progression in New Zealand
John Reynolds - Opus International Consultants and Mark Owen - Transit NZ
(PDF file 43KB)
[PDF]  Reliability Analysis to Verify the Currently used Partial Safety Factors in Bridge Design: A Case Study using Baandee Lakes Bridge No. 1049
John Reynolds - Opus International Consultants and Mark Owen - Transit NZ
Sanjayan JG - Monash University and Candy CCE - Maunsell WA
(PDF file 94KB)

Session 6A: Design

[PDF]  Green Bridge in Brisbane: Planning
Kazik Rassalski, Darren Leeson and Peter Rotolone
(PDF file 1.14MB)
[PDF]  Terragong Swamp Bridge, North Kiama Bypass - Innovative Design
I. Sloane, K. Srivelan and P.T. Sheasby
Connell Wagner Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia
(PDF file 578KB)
[PDF]  Compressive Membrane Action in Bridge Deck Slabs
Geoff Taplin - Maunsell Australia and Alan Hon - Monash University
(PDF file 504KB)

Session 6B: Ressearch & Testing

[PDF]  Measured Live Loads on an Instrumented Sinusoidal Profile Helical Culvert
Ross Pritchard, Robert Day, Peter Dux and Wong Koon Yuln
(PDF file 418KB)
[PDF]  Destructive Load Testing of Bridge No. 1049 - Analyses, Predictions and Testing
Pressley JS, Candy CCE, Walton BL - Maunsell WA
Sanjayan JG - Monash University
(PDF file 1.16MB)
[PDF]  Onsite Hardness Testing of Reinforcement
Andrew Sonnenberg and Geoff Boully - VicRoads Design
(PDF file 73KB)

Session 6C: Strengthening & Upgrading

[PDF]  Flexural Retrofitting of Concrete Bridge Beams Using CFRP Fabrics
Huy Pham and Riadh Al-Mahaidi, Monash University
(PDF file 136KB)
[PDF]  Feasibility study of the life extension of a 100-year old timber truss rail bridge over the Grey River, New Zealand
Rudolph Kotze, Bridging Holmes Consulting Group Ltd, New Zealand
Walter Rushbrook, Tranz Rail Ltd, New Zealand
(PDF file 178KB)
[PDF]  Strengthening of Bridge over Iron Cove, Sydney NSW - A Realistic Design Load
Wije Ariyaratne, Parvez Shah and Henry Fok
Bridge Section, RTA Operations
(PDF file 89KB)