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Friday 21st May

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Keynote Address

[PDF]  Bridge Management and Assessment in the UK
Campbell Middleton - Cambridge University Engineering Department, UK
(PDF file 65KB)
[PDF]  Bridge Asset Management in NSW
Michael B Bushby - Roads and Traffic Authority (NSW)
(PDF file 45KB)

Session 7A: Design

[PDF]  Redbournberry Bridge - Dual Composite Design
H Turner, J Steele, C Jones and S Powell
(PDF file 315KB)
[PDF]  Three Dimensional ACES Models for Bridges
Noel Wenham and Joe Wyche - Wyche Consulting
(PDF file 120KB)
[PDF]  Unique Cable Stayed Bridge for Shopping Centre
S. Wrightson, Austress Freyssinet Pty Ltd
P.T. Sheasby, Connell Wagner Pty Ltd
(PDF file 466KB)

Session 7B: Assessment

[PDF]  A Simple Method for Rating of Reinforced Concrete Slab Bridges
Wije Ariyaratne, Parvez Shah and Vijay Kodakalla - Bridge Section, RTA
(PDF file 213KB)
[PDF]  Condition assessment of an 8-year old Freeway bridge, its load capacity and rehabilitation assessment
Ahmad Shayan and Fred Andrews-Phaedonos
(PDF file 1.01MB)
[PDF]  Overview of Assessing the Load Carrying Capacity of Timber Bridges Using Dynamic Methods
Keith Crews, Bijan Samali, Steve Bakoss, Chris Champion
(PDF file 198KB)

Session 7C: Strengthening & Upgrading

[PDF]  Rehabilitation of Willaston Bridge: Utilisation of Rivet Heads as Shear Connectors
Alistair Paul, Deric Oehlers and Rudolf Seracino
(PDF file 456KB)
[PDF]  A future with Advanced Composites in Bridge Engineering
Sulojana Shanmuganathan - Opus International Consultants, Auckland, New Zealand
(PDF file 574KB)
[PDF]  Selection of Option for Replacement of Major Bridge Expansion Joints
Greg Forster, Roads and Traffic Authority, NSW
(PDF file 514KB)

Session 8A: Bridge Design Code

[PDF]  Bridge Barriers - Implementing the AS5100 Bridge Design Code Provisions
Vincenzo Colosimo, VicRoads
(PDF file 925KB)
[PDF]  Design, Specification, Manufacture and Testing of Laminated Elastomeric and Pot Bearings to AS5100.4
Graham Davidson, Chito Sarmiento, Cec Williams and Neil Robinson - Ludowici Ltd
(PDF file 1.18MB)
[PDF]  Draft Australian Bridge Design Code AS-5100 Section 4 - Bearings & Expansion Joints. Trends in rehabilitation of deck joints and design developments of modular joints
Oscar Velo
(PDF file 406KB)

Session 8B: Bridge Architecture

[PDF]  More than just a pedestrian link - The Goodwill Bridge, Brisbane
I.D. Ainsworth and P.A. Burnton
(PDF file 230KB)
[PDF]  Design of aesthetically pleasing bridges for the Dubai Marina
Rajiv Kalra and Rasaratnam Vigneswaran - Hyder Consulting Pty Ltd
(PDF file 113KB)
[PDF]  Design and Construction of the New Upper Harbour Crossing
Andrew Dickson and Ian Billings - Beca Infrastructure, Auckland, New Zealand
Mark Evans - Fletcher Construction, Auckland, New Zealand
(PDF file 420KB)

Session 8C: Design

[PDF]  Modular Deck Joints - Investigations into structural behaviour and some implications for new joints
Eric J. Ancich, Stephen C. Brown and Gordon J. Chirgwin
(PDF file 235KB)
[PDF]  Design of the grade separation of Gippsland Railway at Narre Warren Cranbourne Road
K. Srivelan and John de Araugo - Connell Wagner Pty Ltd
Michael Hirons - McConnell Dowell Construction Pty Ltd
(PDF file 41KB)
[PDF]  Bridging on the Alice Springs to Darwin Railway
Ken Ross, Scott Ashdown and Tony Dawson - Kellogg, Brown and Root, Melbourne
(PDF file 687KB)