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BOF70: June 2022


The seventieth meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum was held on 14th and 15th June 2022 at the Rochester Bridge Trust.

Agenda - Tuesday 14th June

10.30 Guests arrive, refreshments available
11.10 Depart for Rochester Cruising Club
11.30 River Medway Boat Trip
13.15 Return to Bridge Chamber
13.25 Buffet lunch
14.15 Presentation by Sue Threader, Bridge Clerk (Chief Executive)
14.45 Walking tour of the Rochester Bridges
16.15 Guests collect bags and depart for hotel/free time
19.15 Pre-dinner drinks in the Bridge Chamber
19.45 Dinner

Meeting Agenda - Wednesday 15th June

[PDF]  BOF70 Agenda
Richard Fish (PDF File 160KB)

Minutes and Actions

[PDF]  BOF70 Minutes
Richard Fish (PDF File 371KB)
[PDF]  BOF70 Actions
Richard Fish (PDF File 210KB)


[PDF]  Purton Upper Swing Bridge [Members only]
Andy Featherby (PDF File 2.45MB)


[PDF]  BOF70 Uncompleted Actions
Richard Fish (PDF File 202KB)
[PDF]  Item 5 - Net Zero Initiatives [Members only]
Brian Duguid (PDF File 166KB)
[PDF]  Item 12 - Infilling of Bridgess [Members only]
Graham Cole (PDF File 113KB)