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BOF68: October 2021


The sixty-eighth meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum was held on 19th October 2021.

This was an in-person meeting, with some provision for remote participation via Zoom.


[PDF]  BOF68 Agenda
Richard Fish (PDF File 199KB)

Minutes and Actions

[PDF]  BOF68 Minutes
Richard Fish (PDF File 233KB)
[PDF]  BOF68 Actions
Richard Fish (PDF File 162KB)


[PDF]  Landscape Map of Carbon in Construction
Tercia da Silva Jansen van Vuuren (PDF File 3.83MB)
[PDF]  Historical Railways Estate
Fiona Smith (PDF File 1.95MB)
[PDF]  Bridge Failures and Condition
Andy Featherby (PDF File 3.13MB)
[PDF]  MCHW Review Updates
Neil Loudon (PDF File 704KB)


[PDF]  BOF67 Action Updates
Richard Fish (PDF File 174KB)
[PDF]  What is the Net Zero Bridges Group?
(PDF File 105KB)
[PDF]  Welsh Government - Carbon Estimation
Nick Trump (PDF File 1.20MB)
[PDF]  Transport Scotland Carbon Management Tools
Hazell McDonald (PDF File 147KB)
[PDF]  Minutes of the UK Bridges Board 15th September 2021
CIHT (PDF File 88KB)

Further Bridges Board minutes are available on the CIHT website.