BOF62: November 2019


The sixty-second meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum was held in the King's College, Cambridge on 5th November 2019.


[PDF]  BOF62 Agenda
Richard Fish (PDF File 116KB)
[PDF]  BOF62 Minutes
Richard Fish (PDF File 289KB)


[PDF]  The Forestry Commission [Members only]
Malcolm Cattermole (PDF File 2.05MB)
[PDF]  Structures Standards - an update on the DMRB [Members only]
Santosh Sansoa, Neil Loudon (PDF File 415KB)
[PDF]  Grand Challenges
Keith Harwood (PDF File 239KB)
[PDF]  TRIB [Members only]
Ionassis Mavvidis, Jo Geddes (PDF File 1.02MB)
[PDF]  Bridge Owners' Forum, who what why?
Helena Russell (PDF File 1.12MB)


[PDF]  BOF61 Actions plus
Richard Fish (PDF File 121KB)
[PDF]  BOF61 Draft Minutes [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 224KB)
[PDF]  BOF62 Action Updates
Richard Fish (PDF File )
[PDF]  Design for Operation & Maintenance work-stream - Overview of Survey Results
Steel Bridge Group (PDF File 1.03MB)
[PDF]  Minutes of the 60th Meeting of the UK Bridges Board
CIHT (PDF File 156KB)