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BOF54: October 2017


The fifty-fourth meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum took place in in the Beves Room, King's College, Cambridge on 31st October 2017.

Minutes and Actions

[PDF]  BOF54 Minutes
Richard Fish (PDF File 553KB)
[PDF]  BOF54 Actions
Richard Fish (PDF File 108KB)


[PDF]  BOF54 Agenda
Richard Fish (PDF File 174KB)

Scour presentations

The morning session was dedicated to discussions of scour and scour monitoring:

[PDF]  Flooding and scour - the Highways England perspective [Members only]
Neil Loudon, Highways England (PDF File 1.82MB)
[PDF]  Management of scour risk [Members only]
Steve Roffe, Network Rail (PDF File 1.14MB)
[PDF]  The repair of Tadcaster Bridge
John Smith, North Yorkshire County Council (PDF File 10.22MB)
[PDF]  Scour and hydrodynamic effects of debis damage
Prakash Kripakaran, University of Exeter (PDF File 2.54MB)
[PDF]  BridgeCat: Introduction [Members only]
Jenny Roberts, Gaist (PDF File 6.40MB)
[MP4]  BridgeCat: Video [Members only]
Jenny Roberts, Gaist (MP4 Movie 191.65MB)

John McRobert gave a short additional presentation on the impact of an extreme flood event in Northern Ireland in August 2017:

[PDF]  North West Flooding 22/23 August 2017 - What happened?
John McRobert, Department for INfrastructure (PDF File 9.67MB)

Network Rail reports

Following the meeting, Rob Dean provided the following additional reports from Network Rail (available to BOF members only):

[PDF]  Technology Landscape for Rail Structural Asset Monitoring in Severe Weather [Members only]
IXC UK Ltd (PDF File 2.79MB)
[PDF]  Additional Examination Process [Members only]
Network Rail (PDF File 474KB)
[PDF]  Statistical Proof of Risk Based Examination Frequencies [Members only]
Jacobs (PDF File 2.83MB)


[PDF]  BOF53 Draft Minutes [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 319KB)
[PDF]  BOF53 Actions [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 165KB)