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BOF54: October 2017


The fifty-fourth meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum took place in in the Beves Room, King's College, Cambridge on 31st October 2017.

Minutes and Actions

[PDF]  BOF54 Minutes [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 287KB)
[PDF]  BOF54 Actions [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 287KB)


[PDF]  BOF54 Agenda
Richard Fish (PDF File 174KB)

Scour presentations

The morning session was dedicated to discussions of scour and scour monitoring:

[PDF]  Flooding and scour - the Highways England perspective [Members only]
Neil Loudon, Highways England (PDF File 1.82MB)
[PDF]  Management of scour risk [Members only]
Steve Roffe, Network Rail (PDF File 1.14MB)
[PDF]  The repair of Tadcaster Bridge
John Smith, North Yorkshire County Council (PDF File 10.22MB)
[PDF]  Scour and hydrodynamic effects of debis damage
Prakash Kripakaran, University of Exeter (PDF File 2.54MB)
[PDF]  BridgeCat: Introduction [Members only]
Jenny Roberts, Gaist (PDF File 6.40MB)
[MP4]  BridgeCat: Video [Members only]
Jenny Roberts, Gaist (MP4 Movie 191.65MB)

Network Rail reports

Following the meeting, Rob Dean provided the following additional reports from Network Rail (available to BOF members only):

[PDF]  Technology Landscape for Rail Structural Asset Monitoring in Severe Weather [Members only]
IXC UK Ltd (PDF File 2.79MB)
[PDF]  Additional Examination Process [Members only]
Network Rail (PDF File 474KB)
[PDF]  Statistical Proof of Risk Based Examination Frequencies [Members only]
Jacobs (PDF File 2.83MB)


[PDF]  BOF53 Draft Minutes [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 319KB)
[PDF]  BOF53 Actions [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 165KB)