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BOF49: May 2016


The forty-ninth meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum was held in the Saltmarsh Rooms, King's College, Cambridge on 17th May 2016.


[PDF]  BOF49 Agenda
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 442KB)

Actions and Minutes

[PDF]  BOF49 Actions [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 383KB)
[PDF]  BOF49 Minutes
Richard Fish (PDF File 624KB)


[PDF]  Dura UHPC Bridges
Dr Voo Yen Lei (PDF File 22.27MB)


[PDF]  BOF48 Draft Minutes [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 475KB)

The corrected minutes are available on the BOF48 page.

The following flyer on effective rail component life-cyle management has been provided by Rob Dean:

[PDF]  Effective Rail component life cycle management - Call to action [Members only]
Global Standards Management Process (PDF File 476KB)

Hidden defects

Wayne Hindshaw originally mentioned these documents at BOF47 after circulating them to BOF members in October 2015. They were mentioned again at BOF49:

[XLS]  Hidden defects review progress monitoring [Members only]
Wayne Hindshaw (Excel Spreadsheet 3.13MB)
[DOC]  Hidden Defects - Review for Discussion [Members only]
Wayne Hindshaw (Word Document 28KB)
[DOC]  Hidden Defects Review Brief - Stage 1 [Members only]
Wayne Hindshaw (Word Document 39KB)
[DOC]  Hidden Defects Review - Summary - All Units [Members only]
Wayne Hindshaw (Word Document 22KB)

Acoustic monitoring for scour detection

Following the meeting, John McRobert provided the following material relating to acousting imaging:

[PDF]  BOF 49; 17 May 2016 Action 15, Acoustic Monitoring Scour Detection
John McRobert (PDF File 419KB)
[PDF]  Charlemont Bridge Pier 1
Collins Engineeers (PDF File 1.03MB)
[JPG]  IMG_0029.jpg
(JPEG Image 1.09MB)
[JPG]  IMG_0033.jpg
(JPEG Image 1.04MB)

Bridge Inspector Certification

The Bridge Inspector Certification Scheme was mentioned during the meeting. Further details of the scheme are available on the LANTRA website at: