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BOF40: May 2013


The fortieth meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum was held in the Board Room at the Forth Road Bridge administration offices, Edinburgh.

Tuesday 21 May: Site Visits

09:30 arrive at Forth Road Bridge Offices Brief introduction and presentation by Barry Colford
10:30 visit to Forth Road Bridge deck and towers
12:30 Lunch at Forth Road Bridge
13:30 Visit to Forth Replacement Crossing site details TBC
19:00 - Dinner at the Dakota hotel

Wednesday 22 May: BOF Meeting and Lunch

am: Bridge Owners Forum in the Board Room, Forth Road Bridge.
12:30 Lunch


[PDF]  BOF40 Summary
Richard Fish (PDF File 184KB)
[PDF]  BOF40 Minutes
Richard Fish (PDF File 408KB)
[PDF]  BOF40 Actions v2
Richard Fish (PDF File 218KB)


BOF Draft Constitution

[PDF]  BOF Draft Constitution [Members only]
(PDF File 399KB)

Bridge Inspector Competence and Training

During the meeting, Stephen Pottle asked that the following draft Specification documents for Bridge Inspector Competency and Training be distributed to BOF members:-

[PDF]  Specification: Bridge Inspection Certification Scheme [Members only]
Local Transport Directorate (PDF File 336KB)
[PDF]  Annex 4 - Competence Framework [Members only]
(PDF File 88KB)
[PDF]  Annex 5 - Bridge Inspection Competences: Core Units [Members only]
(PDF File 200KB)
[PDF]  Annex 6 - Bridge Inspection Certification Scheme: Training Manual [Members only]
(PDF File 193KB)
[PDF]  Annex 6a - Bridge Inspection Certification Scheme: Training Manual Appendices [Members only]
(PDF File 365KB)

SCOSS Discussion

Following the discussion on SCOSS, Stephen Pottle provided the following extract from the TfL document detailing the requirements for contractors to provide a testing regime for major construction projects:-

Inspection and Testing Plan

1.1. The requirements for tests to be carried out by the contractor are given in Appendix 1/5 to the specification. The contractor should provide a plan detailing his proposals for complying with these requirements. The contractor should also state any inspections he is proposing to undertake and what allowance he is making for inspections to be undertaken by TfL or their representative. The plan should contain the following information:

  1. Details of proposed inspection/test including:
    • Type
    • Reason
    • Frequency
    • Accuracy and tolerance of results
    • Action to be taken on non-compliance
    • Criteria required to be met to enable the works to proceed to the next stage
  2. Personnel responsible for undertaking/supervising the test, including relevant recent experience and qualifications
  3. Any accreditation required to be held by testing companies or individuals
  4. Programme of inspection and testing including hold points


Neil Loudon mentioned ERA-NET during the meeting. Its objectove is to develop and strengthen the coordination of national and regional research programmes. Further details may be found at:


Softening of Polyester Resin Anchors

Following the meeting, Graham Bessant provided the following information on the issue of the softening of polyester resin anchors after prolonged exposure to water:

[PDF]  Bond Strength of Cement Grout Anchors Cast in Dry and Submerged Conditions [Members only]
Yahia, A., Khayat, K.H. and Benmokrane, B. Department of Civil Engineering, Universit de Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada (PDF File 1.33MB)

The following two papers are available online from the US Defense Technical Information Center and the US Army Corps of Engineers repectively: