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BOF39: January 2013


The thirty-ninth meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum will be held on Tuesday 29th January 2013 at King's College, Cambridge.


[PDF]  BOF39 Draft Agenda
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 8KB)


[PDF]  BOF39 Minutes
Richard Fish (PDF File 442KB)
[PDF]  BOF39 Draft Actions [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 627KB)


[PDF]  FRP Composites in Bridge Structures
Jon Shave, Parsons Brinckerhoff (PDF File 6.10MB)
[PDF]  Safety critical structural fixings [Members only]
Neil Loudon, Highways Agency (PDF File 363KB)

Information on Temporary Bridge

At the meeting Wayne Hindshaw provided a number of documents and photographs relating to a temporary bridge in Scotland:-

[ZIP]  BOF39 Hindshaw - Temporary Bridge.zip [Members only]
Wayne Hindshaw (ZIP Archive 13.26MB)

Fire Risk Audits

Following the fire in a scrap yard beneath the M1 in April 2011 the Secretary of State for Transport requested that the Highways Agency and Newtork Rail each carry out an audit of potential risks to their networks from properties below or adjacent to roads or railways. These reports are now public and available from the links below:

Highways Agency Initial Fire Risk Audit Report
Network Rail Fire Risk Audit Report

Contractor Performance Evaluation

After the meeting, John McRobert provided DEM 117/09, which details the Northern Ireland Road Service's contractor performance systems.

[PDF]  DEM 117/09 [Members only]
(PDF File 46KB)
[DOC]  DEM 117/09 Appendices A-C [Members only]
(Word Document 114KB)
[DOC]  DEM 117/09 Appendix D [Members only]
(Word Document 176KB)


Note: These are the Draft minutes of BOF38. The approved and corrected version is publicly available on the BOF38 page.

[PDF]  BOF38 Draft Minutes [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 2.89MB)
[PDF]  BOF38 Actions
Richard Fish (PDF File 527KB)