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BOF38: September 2012


The thirty-eighth meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum was held on Tuesday 25th September 2012 at King's College, Cambridge.


[PDF]  BOF38 Agenda
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 98KB)


Minutes - approved with corrections at BOF39

[PDF]  BOF38 Minutes
Richard Fish (PDF File 71KB)
[PDF]  BOF38 Actions
Richard Fish (PDF File 527KB)


[PDF]  Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites for Strengthening and Stiffening of Steel Bridge Members
Prof. Ian M. May, Muhammad Aslam Bhutto (Presented by Brian Bell) (PDF File 6.37MB)
[PDF]  Investigations and Repairs of Boston Manor Viaduct
Said El-Belbol/Neil Loudon (PDF File 4.30MB)
[PDF]  Network Rail update
Brian Bell (PDF File 113KB)

Other information and handouts

Repair and Strengthing

Following the meeting, John McRobert provided the following information the repairs and sacrificial concrete fire protection on the Lecky Road Flyover.

[PDF]  Lecky Road Flyover Improved fire resistance for concrete piers
Stephen Fullerton, John McRobert (PDF File 65KB)
[PDF]  Lecky Road Flyover: Photos before
Stephen Fullerton, John McRobert (PDF File 1.93MB)
[PDF]  Lecky Road Flyover: Photos after
Stephen Fullerton, John McRobert (PDF File 1.20MB)

Canal and River Trust

Details of the grant from DEFRA to the Canal and River Trust to take on the responsibilites and assets of British Waterways in England and Wales:-

[PDF]  Defra/Canal and River Trust (CRT) grant agreement summary
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (PDF File 92KB)

Research proposal

BOF Research proposal on hidden detail from Rod Howe:-

[PDF]  Design, Maintenance and Inspection of hidden parts of structures [Members only]
Rod Howe (PDF File 273KB)

Review of BS6779 Part 4 - Design of Masonry Bridge Parapets

The guidence document resulting from the Review of BS6779 Part 4 is now complete and is available on the UK Roads Liaison Group website:-

[PDF]  Guidance on the Design, Assessment and Strengthening of Masonry Parapets on Highway Structures
External Link (PDF File 2MB)

Draft minutes and actions from BOF37

These were approved with minor corrections. The approved versions are available on the BOF37 page.

[PDF]  BOF37 Draft Minutes [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 375KB)
[PDF]  BOF37 Actions [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 219KB)