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BOF34: May 2011


The thirty-forth meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum was held on Tuesday 24th May 2011 at King's College, Cambridge.


[DOC]  BOF34 Draft Agenda [Members only]
Campbell Middleton (Word Document 40KB)


[PDF]  BOF34 Summary
Richard Fish (PDF File 74KB)
[PDF]  BOF34 Minutes
Richard Fish (PDF File 378KB)


[PDF]  Protecting Canada's Concrete Bridges and Related Research [Members only]
Neil Hoult (PDF File 2.32MB)
[PDF]  [Members only]
Neil Loudon (PDF File 3.08MB)


Minutes and actions from BOF33:-

[PDF]  BOF33 Draft Minutes [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 32KB)
[PDF]  BOF33 Actions [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 76KB)

Correspondence between SCOSS and UKBB on Scour:-

[PDF]  UKBB response to SCOSS letter of November 2010 [Members only]
Mike Winter, UKBB (PDF File 1.05MB)
[DOC]  Letter to UKBB from SCOSS [Members only]
John Carpenter, SCOSS (Word Document 56KB)
[DOC]  The Assessment of Scour at Highway Structures (Draft BD) [Members only]
(Word Document 2.31MB)

Other handouts:-

[PDF]  Report No.7 to the Bridges Board on the activities of the Bridge Owners Forum (BOF) for 2009/10
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 40KB)
[DOC]  Letter on Ultrasonic Impact Treatment [Members only]
Richard Jalowiecki, Ultrasonic Managment Limited (Word Document 238KB)

Expansion joints guidance documents from Stephen Pottle:-

[PDF]  Inspection Guidance for Bridge Expansion Joints Part 1 - Reference Guide
Transport for London (PDF File 5.19MB)
[PDF]  Inspection Guidance for Bridge Expansion Joints Part 2 - Inspector's Practical Guide
Transport for London (PDF File 2.18MB)

Other documents

During the meeting, Graham Bessant mentioned LUL's policies regarding tenants and fire risks during the meeting. He has summarised the relevant clauses from LUL standards 1-022 and 1-023:

[PDF]  LUL standards relating to fire risk [Members only]
Graham Bessant (LUL) (PDF File 193KB)