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BOF31: May 2010


The thirty-first meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum was held on Tuesday 11th May 2010 at King's College, Cambridge.


[PDF]  BOF31 Agenda
Cambpell Middleton (PDF File 18KB)


[PDF]  BOF31 Minutes
Jim Moriarty (PDF File 60KB)


[PDF]  Risk-Based Inspection Planning for Bridge Networks
Saenthan Sathananthan (PDF File 3.65MB)
[PDF]  Executive Summary: A Risk Based Inspection Framework for Bridge Networks
University of Surrey (PDF File 197KB)
[PDF]  A Risk-based Approach to Principal Inspections
Stephen Jones, Jessica Moss and Ryan Jones (Atkins) (PDF File 1.01MB)

These documents and spreadsheet have been prepared for the Welsh Assembly Government. The Welsh Assembly Government can accept no liability for any costs, liabilities or losses arising as a result of the use of or reliance upon the contents of the reports or spreadsheet by anyone other than the Welsh Assembly Government.

[PDF]  Risk-based Principal Inspections: User Manual
Atkins (PDF File 2.22MB)
[PDF]  Risk-based Principal Inspections: Guidance Note
Atkins (PDF File 482KB)
[XLS]  Inspection Risk Assessment (Spreadsheet)
Atkins (Excel Spreadsheet 1.72MB)
[PDF]  Bridges: Strength to Strength
Stephen Pottle (TfL) (PDF File 371KB)
[PDF]  Risk based Inspection - Some railway industry initiatives
Brian Bell (Network Rail) (PDF File 583KB)


Draft Minutes as presented for approval/correction at BOF31.
The final corrected minutes are available on the BOF30 page.

[PDF]  BOF30 Draft Minutes [Members only]
Richard Fish (PDF File 65KB)


[PDF]  The Dissemination of Highways Engineering Research in the UK
DfT, Atkins (PDF File 183KB)
[PDF]  Current Research Projects
Paul Foskett, DfT (PDF File 75KB)

Stephen Pottle provided the following document following the meeting:

[PDF]  Decision Support Tool for Bridges: User Requirements Specification
Atkins (PDF File 185KB)

US Scanning Tour

[DOC]  Assuring Bridge Safety and Serviceability in Europe [Members only]
TRB (Word Document 1.53MB)

This earlier US Scanning Tour Report is also relevant:
Bridge Evaluation Quality Assurance in Europe

Update: In August 2010 the FHWA published a report of the tour in the publications section of their website. See:
Assuring Bridge Safety and Serviceability in Europe