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BOF30: January 2010


The thirtieth meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum
Tuesday 19th January 2010 at King's College, Cambridge.


[PDF]  BOF30 Draft Agenda
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 9KB)


[PDF]  BOF30 Minutes
Richard Fish (PDF File 125KB)


[PDF]  Scour on London Underground
Graham Bessant (PDF File 57KB)
[PDF]  Bridge Scour
Brian Bell (PDF File 5.24MB)


Draft minutes as presented - see BOF28 page for approved minutes:

[PDF]  BOF28 Draft Minutes [Members only]
Andrew Jackson, John Menzies (PDF File 83KB)


[PDF]  Actions from BOF28
Paul Fidler (PDF File 103KB)
[PDF]  BOF Research Projects
Andrew Oldland (DfT) (PDF File 17KB)

Following the meeting, Brian Bell sent the following summary of current Network Rail research projects:

[PDF]  R+D Update
Brian Bell (PDF File 30KB)

The following document was referred to by Graham Cole during the meeting:

[PDF]  Review of Assessment Methods for Masonry Arch Highway Bridges - Final Draft Report [Members only]
Clive Melbourne, Jinyan Wang, Matthew Gilbert, Colin Smith (PDF File 2.56MB)

US Scanning Tour

[PDF]  US Tour - Agenda
(PDF File 52KB)
[PDF]  US Tour - Panel overview
(PDF File 63KB)
[PDF]  US Tour - Biographic sketches
(PDF File 96KB)
[PDF]  US Tour - Amplifying Questions
(PDF File 153KB)

See also the US Scanning Tour page.