BOF28: July 2009


The twenty-eighth meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum took place on Thursday 9th July 2009 at King's College, Cambridge.


[PDF]  BOF28 Agenda
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 81KB)


The minutes as corrected and approved at BOF30

[PDF]  BOF28 Final Minutes
Andrew Jackson, John Menzies (PDF File 98KB)


[PDF]  BOF27 Draft Minutes [Members only]
John Menzies (PDF File 127KB)
[PDF]  Actions from BOF27 [Members only]
Paul Fidler (PDF File 87KB)

The minutes from BOF27 were approved with minor corrections. The corrected minutes are available on the BOF27 page.

[PDF]  BOF Projects and Project Steering Groups (June 2009)
John Menzies (PDF File 90KB)

Post-meeting Submissions

Peter Brown mentioned the following presentation during the meeting:

[PDF]  Financial Planning for Highway Structures [Members only]
Garry Sterritt (Atkins) (PDF File 560KB)

Albert Daly mentioned the following research projects sponsored by the National Roads Authority:

[PDF]  Development of a bridge network life-cycle cost model
Liam Duffy (National Roads Authority) (PDF File 63KB)
[PDF]  Construction and operational impacts at river crossings on National Road schemes
Dr Patrick Purcell (University College Dublin) (PDF File 375KB)
[PDF]  Optimising the use of existing masonry arch bridge assessment methods and developing a new load capacity assessment tool
Dr Paul Fanning (University College Dublin) (PDF File 375KB)
[PDF]  Probabilistic analysis of concrete bridges
Derek O'Brian (IRCSET), Dr Alan O'Connor (Trinity College Dublin) (PDF File 376KB)
[PDF]  Durable Transport Infrastructure in the Atlantic Area (DURATINET)
Dr Alan O'Connor (Trinity College Dublin) (PDF File 376KB)

Details of more NRA projects are available on the NRA website under "Project Profiles"