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BOF23: September 2007


The twenty-third meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum will be held on Tuesday 18th September 2007.

This meeting is being held at the Humber Bridge at the kind invitation of Peter Hill of the Humber Bridge Board. There will be a tour of the Humber Bridge on Monday 17th September. This will include a presentation on an experimental wireless relative humidty monitoring system that was recently installed in the Hessle Anchorage room by researchers from the University of Cambridge.


[PDF]  Draft Agenda
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 91KB)


[PDF]  BOF23 Minutes [Members only]
John Menzies (PDF File 114KB)

During the meeting it was agreed that the following document from Gifford should be made available on this website:

[PDF]  Gifford's Advice
C. Brookes, Gifford (PDF File 2.32MB)

The following report by British Waterways was also mentioned during the meeting:

[PDF]  Plank Lane Bridge - Counterweight Failure
British Waterways (PDF File 8.57MB)


[PPS]  Wireless Sensor Networks for Bridge Monitoring
Dr Neil Hoult (Powerpoint Presentation 2.53MB)
[PPS]  HA Update
Awtar Jandu (Powerpoint Presentation 7.09MB)

Other Submissions

[PDF]  Freedom of Information Act 2000 - Summary Guidance
Highways Agency (PDF File 274KB)
[PDF]  Metallic Bridges Update (Email)
John Clarke (PDF File 35KB)
[PDF]  Drystone Retaining Walls Progress Report - 14 Sep 2007
Ronnie Wilson (PDF File 91KB)
[PDF]  Drystone and Other Old Masonry-Faced Earth-Retaining Walls [Members only]
Dr Myles OReilly, Mott MacDonald Ltd, CIRIA (PDF File 6.35MB)