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BOF21: May 2007


The twenty-first meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum took place on Tuesday 15th May 2007 at King's College, Cambridge.

A this meeting the Bridge Owners heard presentations on the inspection of main suspension cables on the Forth Road Bridge and the M48 Severn Bridge.

Following a Call for Research Proposals issued on the 8th May, we recieved 36 research proposals for discussion at BOF21. In order to allow more time for proper consideration of these proposals it was agreed to hold an extra meeting (BOF21a) on Wednesday 18th July.


[PDF]  Draft Agenda
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 17KB)


[PDF]  Draft Minutes [Members only]
John Menzies (PDF File 125KB)


[PPS]  The National Roads Authority
Albert Daly (Powerpoint Presentation 7.93MB)
[PPS]  Monitoring of Suspension Bridge Main Cables: The Forth Road Bridge
Alastair Andrew (Powerpoint Presentation 10.61MB)
[PPS]  M48 Severn Crossing Assessment and Investigations [Members only]
Martin Lynch (Powerpoint Presentation 18.81MB)


Liam Duffy has provided the NRA's draft specification on masonry repointing. This is currently available to members only.

[PDF]  Specification for Masonry Repointing (Draft) [Members only]
National Roads Authority (PDF File 219KB)