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BOF20: January 2007


The Twentieth Meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum was held on Tuesday 16th January 2007 in the Wine Room at King's College, Cambridge.

BOF20 saw the introduction of the Manchester Ship Canal Company, represented by David Stork, as a new member. Also attending was Liam Duffy from the National Roads Authority in Ireland. During the meeting the forum formally agreed to invite the NRA to join the Bridge Owners' Forum.

The forum also listened to presentations from Livia Pardi from Autostrade, Italy and Mike Jones and Jerry Gureghian from JonesMarine.


[PDF]  Agenda
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 15KB)

Draft Minutes

[PDF]  BOF20 Draft Minutes [Members only]
John Menzies (PDF File 117KB)


[PDF]  Minutes of BOF19 (redraft) [Members only]
Edited by John Menzies (PDF File 172KB)

Note: These are not the BOF19 Draft Minutes originally provided as a handout (and sent to members by email). John Menzies has edited the original minutes as a result of feedback received at BOF20.

[PDF]  Summary of All Actions From BOF19
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 42KB)
[PDF]  [Members only]
Liam Duffy (PDF File 351KB)
[PDF]  Research Update: Dry Stone Retaining Walls
Ronnie Wilson (PDF File 52KB)
[PDF]  Research Update: Iron and Steel Bridges
John Clarke (PDF File 90KB)
[PDF]  'The Giffords Document' [Members only]
C. Brookes, Gifford (PDF File 2.32MB)
[PDF]  Proposed BOF Research Submission Timetable
C. Middleton and J. Menzies (PDF File 29KB)
[PDF]  Research ideas 'Wish List'
Compiled by Campbell Middleton (PDF File 70KB)
[PDF]  List of Bridge Management Projects
Garry Sterritt (Atkins) (PDF File 19KB)

Reviews of Bill Harvey's critisism of MEXE [Members only]


[PDF]  HydroSCAN Technology
Mike Jones, Jerry Gureghian (PDF File 6.32MB)
[PPS]  HA Update for BOF20
Awtar Jandu (Powerpoint Presentation 4.39MB)
[PPS]  Network Rail Development Update for BOF20
Brian Bell (Powerpoint Presentation 106KB)


Brian Bell refered to the following documents in his presentation:

[PDF]  Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites in the Rail Environment [Members only]
Jon Shave, Parsons Brinckerhoff (PDF File 1.54MB)
[PDF]  CETAN17 - Strengthening of Masonry Arch Bridges [Members only]
Network Rail (PDF File 89KB)