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BOF18: May 2006

The Eighteenth Meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum was held on Tuesday 23rd May 2006 at King's College, Cambridge.


[PDF]  BOF18 Agenda
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 20KB)

Minutes [Members only]

[PDF]  BOF18 Minutes
Paul Fidler, Campbell Middleton (PDF File 144KB)

Other Documents

Update on current BOF & BOF supported research projects

[PPS]  Masonry Arch Guide Update
Brian Bell (Powerpoint Presentation 99KB)
[PDF]  Dry Stone Walls Project Steering Group
Ronnie Wilson (PDF File 15KB)
[PDF]  Dry Stone Walls Research Update
Ronnie Wilson (PDF File 14KB)
[PDF]  Older Metal Bridges Update
John Clarke (PDF File 13KB)

BOF Research strategy

[PDF]  Grand Challenges 2006/07
John Menzies/Campbell Middleton (PDF File 45KB)
[DOC]  BOF Research Project Proposal Form
Campbell Middleton (Word Document 86KB)

Research Update

[PDF]  HA's Update on BS6779 work
Awtar Jandu (PDF File 13KB)
[PDF]  Highways Agency's New Research Projects 2006/07
Awtar Jandu (PDF File 65KB)
[XLS]  HA Projects
Awtar Jandu (Excel Spreadsheet 46KB)
[PPS]  Network Rail Development Update
Brian Bell (Powerpoint Presentation 142KB)

Other Documents

[PDF]  Footbridge Pedestrian Vibration Limits: Summary - Parts 1-3
C. Barker, D. Mackenzie, N. McFadyen, S. DeNeumann, R. Ko, B. Allison (PDF File 274KB)
[PDF]  Footbridge Pedestrian Vibration Limits Part 1: Pedestrian Input
C. Barker, S. DeNeumann, D. Mackenzie, R. Ko (PDF File 73KB)
[PDF]  Footbridge Pedestrian Vibration Limits Part 2: Human Sensitivity
D. Mackenzie, C. Barker, N. McFadyen, B. Allison (PDF File 110KB)
[PDF]  Footbridge Pedestrian Vibration Limits Part 3: Background to Response Calculation
C. Barker (PDF File 276KB)