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BOF17: January 2006

The Seventeenth Meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum took place on Tuesday 17th January 2006 at King's College, Cambridge.


[PDF]  BOF17 Agenda
(PDF file 42KB)


[PDF]  BOF17 Draft Minutes [Members only]
(PDF file 127KB)

Presentations and Submissions

[PPS]  Introducing Transport for London (TfL)
Dana Skelley (Powerpoint file 430KB)
[PDF]  European Construction Technology Platform
Brian Bell (PDF file 711KB)
[PPS]  Code of Practice for Bridge Management: Research Opportunities
Graham Cole (Powerpoint file 2.04MB)
[PDF]  Code of Practice: Research Summary
Graham Cole (PDF file 91KB)
[PPS]  Network Rail: Development Update
Brian Bell (Powerpoint file 144KB)
[PDF]  BOF Research Submission Timetable (Draft)
Campbell Middleton/John Menzies (PDF file 67KB)
[PPS]  Current Status of Japanese Road Bridges and Furture Perspective
Hiroaki Teramoto (Powerpoint file 912KB)

Arch Strengthening Presentations

Presentation on four different masonry-arch strengthening systems may be found here (for members only).