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The Bridge Research Group at Cambridge University aims to promote the dissemination of information on bridge engineering topics by holding a series of one-day Forums.

Delegates from different interest groups in the bridge engineering fraternity are brought together to exchange ideas and discuss current and future research and development needs in the design, assessment and management of the nation's bridge infrastructure.

Useful Links

Invitation to submit research proposals to the Bridge Owners' Forum:

[PDF]  BOF Call for Proposals
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 25KB)
[DOC]  BOF Research Proposal Form
Campbell Middleton (Word Document 116KB)
[PDF]  BOF Research Key Issues
John Menzies (PDF File 24KB)
[PDF]  BOF Research Projects
Campbell Middleton (PDF File 15KB)
[PDF]  Challenges 2007/08
John Menzies, Campbell Middleton (PDF File 41KB)

US Scanning Tour

In August 2010 the FHWA published a report of the 2009 scanning tour. See:
Assuring Bridge Safety and Serviceability in Europe

Fire Risk Audits

Following the fire in a scrap yard beneath the M1 in April 2011 the Secretary of State for Transport requested that the Highways Agency and Newtork Rail each carry out an audit of potential risks to their networks from properties below or adjacent to roads or railways. These reports are now public and available from the links below:

Highways Agency Initial Fire Risk Audit Report
Network Rail Fire Risk Audit Report


Owners' forum
A forum for those responsible for managing and maintaining the nation's bridge infrastructure. Meets three times a year
International Bridge Forum
The International Bridge Forum is an invitation-only meeting for senior bridge engineers who are responsible for bridge research in their organisation or involved in the identification and implementation of research programmes in their country.
Consultants' Forum
A forum for consulting engineers to identify, discuss and promote topics for bridge engineering research. It has met twice, in July 2001 and again in June 2002.
Researchers' Forum
The Bridge Researchers' Forum took place on the 27-28th October 2003 at King's College, Cambridge. Many thanks to everyone who took part.


Drystone retaining walls and their modifications: condition appraisal and remedial treatment

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Iron and steel bridges: condition appraisal and remedial treatment

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Masonry arch bridges: condition appraisal and remedial treatment

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* Note that registration (free of charge) is required to download the above documents.

Code of Practice on the Management of Highway Structures
The Code of Practice, together with Complementary Guidence is available from the Bridges Board website.
BA79 Technical Audit
Copies of the final reports from the Highways Agency project to audit the application of BA79 are now available.
Research Directory (in progress)
A directory of present and past research undertaken or funded by UK bridge owners and others.